Umi - White wines

White sushi wine UMI

Product details

  • Variety: various varieties of white grapes (Chardonnay, Soave, Durello).
  • Colour: straw yellow to golden.
  • Bouquet: delicate, reminding of fresh flowers and peach , not overly aromatic.
  • Taste: soft, fresh, harmonious.
  • Alcohol: 11% vol.
  • Contents: 75 cl.



Harvest: mid September. Soft pressing, without picking  the wood from the bunches, by using pneumatic presses to avoid damages to the wooden part of the grapes, which could give the wine unwanted components. Refrigeration of the must at 6 to 8°C, to block any beginning of fermentation and to favour the natural decantation of the skins. Then, selected yeasts are put into the must, already cleaned, for a correct fermentation at 16-20°C. With this procedure, its fruity characteristics are preserved. At the end of fermentation, stockage in big stainless steel tanks and, after sterile filtration, bottling (late winter). To be consumed within 2 years.


Fish soups, delicate fish, boiled or fresh vegetables, salads, pasta, rice, sandwiches, snacks, and pizza.