Sparkling - Trevil


Product details

  • Variety: blend of white grapes including aromatic varieties.
  • Colour: pale straw yellow.
  • Bouquet: delicate scent of wild flowers and fresh fruit.
  • Taste: sweet and partially aromatic.
  • Alcoholic content: 9,5% vol.
  • Serving temperature: 8-10 °C.
  • Content: 75 cl.


Harvest period, beginning of September.
Compression without severing and soft pressing in pneumatic presses to prevent the bunch of grapes (grapes) breaking, which could lead to undesirable components to the wine. Freezing the must at 6-8 ° C to inhibit any fermentation start and favor the natural decantation of the lees. Subsequent refrigeration with temperature drop to 0 ° C to permanently stop fermentation, as the must must be kept sweet.
Conservation takes place in large stainless steel tanks closed in cold storage; thus preserving the aromatic fragrance until it is used. This phase can take place at any time of the year as needed. The must is removed from the cell and sent to fermentation in sealed vessels (autoclaves) where, by fermenting develops carbon dioxide, responsible for the surf.
Bottling takes place through isobaric fillers, in bottles suitable to withstand the pressure of 4-5 bar; the cap is anchored by means of a metal cage.
Desserts, pies, fresh fruit, syrupy fruit, baked cakes, fruit salads, biscuits, dried fruit, fruit tarts.