Arione Spumanti - Sparkling


Product details

  • Variety: 100% White Muscat of Canelli.
  • Colour: randing from straw- yellow to pale gold-yellow.
  • Bouquet: typical, delicate muscat aroma.
  • Taste: aromatic, sweet, well balanced.
  • Perlage: delicate and persistent.
  • Alcoholic content: 7,5% vol.
  • Serving temperature: 6-8 °C.
  • Content: 20 cl, 37,5 cl, 75 cl, 1,5 l.



Harvest: beginning of September, with hand, taking away, when necessary, damaged or affected from botrytis grapes. Soft pressure, without taking away the wood from the clusters, in pneumatic presses, to avoid damages of the wooden part of the cluster which could brings some unwanted components to the wine. Refrigeration of the must at 6-8°C to block any beginning of fermentation and to favour the natural decantation of the skins. Then, another refrigeration, bringing down the temperature at 0°C to definitively block the fermentation. The must, conserved sweet, is stocked in big inox tanks, in a refrigerated area; with this procedure, aromatic bouquet is preserved till the consumption. During every period of the year, following needs, the must can be taken from the refrigerated area and put in fermentation in airtight tanks, where it develops carbon dioxide (which causes the characteristic foam and the fine perlage).

Bottling, using isobaric fillers, in special bottles (resistant for a 4-5 bar pression); cork is secured with metal cage.


Dry biscuits, cakes, sweets, fresh fruits, dry fruits, fruits cakes. Perfect with celebrations, parties and special events.