Arione Vini - Red wines

Barbera d'Asti Arione wines

Product details

  • Variety: Barbera.
  • Colour: bright ruby red when young, getting garnet red tones when aged.
  • Bouquet: winy, intense, hints of withered flowers.
  • Taste: dry, round taste, tannic, softer with ageing.
  • Alcoholic content: minimum 12,5% vol.
  • Serving temperature: 16-18 °C.
  • Content: 75 cl.



Harvest: late September. Pressure, taking away the wood from the clusters; fermentation, in big tanks with skins and selected yeasts, at controlled temperature, never over 25°C, till the transformation of the natural sugars of the grapes. Frequently poured off from October to March to favour the natural decantation of the skins. Storage in big inox tanks guarantees a perfect maturation of the wine. Sometimes, to favour the development of its characteristic bouquet, it is aged  for some months in big oak barrels. During late spring or summer, after filtration, bottling at cellar temperature. Recommended consumption within 3 years; however, some good vintages guarantee a perfect ageing till 5-6 years.


Roasted red meat, braised meat with wine, white meat, grilled or stewed meat, fresh cheese, fish soups, very tasty fish, boiled vegetables, pasta, and rice.