Arione Vini - Red wines

Barbaresco Arione wines

Product details

  • Variety: Nebbiolo – subvarieties Michet, Lampia, Rosé.
  • Colour: garnet red with orange nuances.
  • Bouquet: intense, it reminds violet and rose flowers.
  • Taste: dry, full-bodied, tannic and velvety.
  • Alcoholic content: minimum 13% vol.
  • Serving temperature: 18-20 °C.
  • Content: 75 cl.



Harvest: first two weeks of October.

Pressure (picking the wood from bunches); fermentation in big tanks, with selected yeasts and with grape skins, till the natural transformation of the sugar at controlled temperature never over 25°C. Frequently poured off (3 to 4 times) from November to March, to favour the natural decantation of the skins. After these steps, poured off twice a year (in spring and in fall) to guarantee a correct maturation of the wine. Ageing at least 2 years in big oak barrels and refinement in small barrels. Bottling, after filtration, at cellar temperature. Then, the bottles rest in lying for at least 3 months. Consumption is recommended from the third year on. Good vintages allow to consume it even after the fifth year. In fact, it is common to drink excellent “Barbaresco” even after 10 years.


Matured cheese, fur game, roasts (red meats) and delicate roasts.