Uva www.arione.itArione has vineyards in the best areas of the Piedmont, the Langhe and Monferrato, which have historically been suited to wine production of the highest quality.

The Langhe, mainly located in the province of Cuneo, is enclosed in a polygon bounded on the south by the Ligurian Maritime Alps, west by the Tanaro river, east by the Bormida of Spigno river and north by the Tanaro river and the hills of Asti.

The Monferrato, almost exclusively hilly ranges, is instead mainly in the provinces of Alessandria and Asti and extends southward from the right side of the Po river, up to the foot of the Ligurian Alps on the border with the province of Genoa and Savona.

In these precious lands, the marly and sandy soils formed in ancient times, have given the roots of the vines of Nebbiolo and Dolcetto, as well as the Moscati and Barbera, typical of the area, the fragrance of violets and withered roses, fruit flavors and ripe raspberries.

These lands with beautiful and enchanting landscapes communicate forcefully their uniqueness and depth of their roots deep in the earth; here there are two towns where Arione owns vineyards and cellars: Canelli, in the province of Asti and Castiglione Tinella, in the province of Cuneo.

History, tradition and culture come together in this magical corner of profound beauty and place of worship for the world renowned culinary traditions.