For 35 years, accommodation facilities, hotels, bars, farmhouses have chosen our wines to offer their guests a quality product at the right price and a reliable, efficient, personalized and punctual assistance service. We work with customized and tailored offers according to the needs and requests of our customers in the B2B field, in Italy and abroad.

We are proud to export our wines and we can respond to the demands of the B2B market with great seriousness, experience and reliability.

Our wines are marketed in different sizes:

  • Bottles (of different sizes)
  • Kegs (steel and PET)
  • Bag in Box

Kegs selection wines

For the market we have created a suitable packaging to meet the needs of our customers. Thanks to this special container, the wine maintains its quality even after some time. The high quality level of the proposed varieties and the latest high hygienic-sanitary standards guarantee to preserve the product fresh, intact and ready to satisfy even the most refined palates.

PET kegs wines

Some of our wine lines are available in the PET KEG format, easily recyclable and which allows an excellent preservation of the wine; the packages also have a bayonet or slide connection, depending on the needs.

Bag in Box wines

The Bag in Box is a container of recyclable material for liquid or semi-liquid food, composed of a polyethylene bag (Bag) and a box (Box) that protects the bag itself from knocks and sun rays and keeps it properly stored for serving and for convenient transportation.

The very high quality used to produce this packaging preserves the taste of the wine and its aroma.