A family, a team.

Arione wines from Italy Canelli AT Piedmont

We are a family-run business. Reliability, quality and innovation are our guiding values for production because only looking to the future can we improve the present. With teamwork there is success and so we have built a consolidated professional team around us.

Our company has access to vineyards located in the best Piedmont areas, the Langhe and the Monferrato. We jealously guard the initial learnings handed down from the first master winemaker, Luigi Arione, translating them into solid practices. Thanks to continuous investment in specialized experts, qualified personnel, testing and research and development, today we have reached high quality products and results.

Our family has strong roots connected to the Langhe and Monferrato lands, to the landscapes and the passion for the craft of “making wine”, because being producers here in Piedmont, is a great daily challenge. It tells of authentic stories about these beautiful lands through a product as peculiar and characteristic as the wine is.