Arione, four generations of Piedmont wine producers

In the early 1900’s, Luigi Arione founded the company that still today, after the fourth generation, bears his name.

It’s an history of passion and experience handed down from father to son since more than a century, that evolves and grows in ever new projects in line with the demands of the domestic and international markets.

Lands of beautiful and lovely views frame the history and tradition of the Arione’s family that transmits everything in its wines and its own vision of the company.

A century of wines and significant awards, both in Italy and abroad, a sign of a strong care towards research and also the achievement of higher and higher quality standards.

Currently, the Arione’s winery, is led by brothers Mauro and Luca Arione, managers of the two family cellars.

“Our commitment has been always aimed to improve, with the goal of consolidating the presence of our brands in the domestic market and continuous growth in the international ones”

Luca e Mauro Arione.